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DUBROVNIK city is situated in Southern Croatia facing the Adriatic sea. It has to one of the prettiest eye pleasing places I’ve ever been to. The Old Town is encircled by huge stone walls about 2km long, on which you can walk for a small cost. You can get on and off as many times as steps down into the town allow. It is an absolute must to do this walk and you will not regret it!

TOP TIP - The currency in Dubrovnik is the Kuna and is accepted everywhere. Some larger cafes and restaurants will accept the Euro and they will give you change in either, but this is not the norm, so make sure you get some Kuna!

TOP TIP - It does rain quite heavily in Croatia at times so make sure you wear footwear with good grip if it happens to be raining on your day in port. The pavements in the town can get very slippery indeed!

TOP TIP -  Many cruise lines lay on courtesy buses from the port to the town. If you have purchased a last minute deal and have missed out on the courtesy bus there are always plenty of taxies in the port and they are even cheaper if shared with fellow travellers. That being said, it is a nice walk, approx 1km into the town depending on where you dock.

TOP TIP - If you walk the wall there are many stunning photo opportunities. It is an experience that will stay with you for a very long time!

TOP TIP - When sailing away from Dubrovnik make sure you have your camera or video camera with you. It really is a stunning sail away!

CURRENCY - KUNA some places take EURO

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