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If EGYPT has never been on your radar as a cruise destination then make it so! The media is renowned for scare mongering Westerners into staying away for security reasons but it really is quite safe. You will need to use the ship’s shore excursion for this one as you travel in a convoy of over 20 coaches with armed security for a 3 hour journey alongside the Suez Canal down to Cairo and then on to Giza. The reality is Giza is very poor and a real slum in parts, but look it looks right upon the mighty pyramids, so don’t be put off.

The Pyramids are indeed a jaw dropping spectacle to behold along with the Sphinx, so you just must put this awe inspiring sight on your bucket list!

TOP TIP - Go to the toilet on your ship before your coach trip and if you really must go on the coach, go early on. It really doesn’t get any better as the journey progresses! You may have a buffet at a hotel or a visit to Cairo museum in your itinerary. Go to the toilet there!

TOP TIP - Camel owners will gladly take your photo. For a price! Its up to you how much. Remember they need tourists to survive so be gracious.

TOP TIP - Never let anyone other than designated camel ride owners handle your expensive camera equipment. It may be the last time you see it!

TOP TIP -  Camel rides can be quite scary so hold on tight! If two of you go on the same camel make sure the man sits at the back, because when the camel stoops down forward at the end of the ride, it can be a painful experience when your combined weight slides into the lump on the saddle! Be Warned!

TOP TIP - Take a small plastic container with you so you can scoop up a bit of sand or a few rocks. Our guide encouraged us to do this.

TOP TIP - If a buffet lunch at a hotel is included in your trip, DON’T eat the salad! It may have been washed in contaminated water and you will indeed pay the price later!


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