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KOTOR is a drop dead gorgeous coastal town in Montenegro, situated in a secluded part of the Gulf of Kotor. If your cruise ship is over a certain size it will anchor in the bay and access will be by the ships tenders. This is particularly exciting given the expanse of the fjord and the stunning natural beauty of the surrounding mountains.

TOP TIP - When you reach the quay side just pause for a moment and look around at the stunning scenery, I can guarantee it will take your breath away!

TOP TIP - Head for the town centre it is truly spectacular. There is an old Fort up on the hill behind the town that was built during the Venetian period. You can access it for a very small charge. The walk to the top is amazing and the view is just to die for! If you are going up to the Fort make sure you wear substantial footwear as the path is very cobbled and broken up!


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