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NAPLES is Italy’s third largest city and is one of its oldest. Here you will find many archaeological treasures, castles and churches. Overshadowed by Mount Vesuvius, this urban conurbation has much to offer once you get passed its endless sprawl. There is much to see and so limited time when you are there for the day so you have to make a choice as to what you will do. You can always return at another time and experience something else.

TOP TIP - When sailing in at Dawn make sure you take your camera on deck early enough to witness sunrise over Mount Vesuvius, it’s breathtaking!

TOP TIP - I didn’t get to experience Pompeii, or a jet boat ride across to the island of Capri or a trip down the Amalfi coast to Sorrento, but I did get to go up Mount Vesuvius. I found the shore excursion from the ship to be really good. Driving up the mountain in a converted army truck was a real experience and getting to stand on the edge of a volcano and see steam rising, well, that’s something else. If you do this one make sure you pick up a piece of volcanic lava, I did! Click the thumbnail below to see sunrise over Mount Vesuvius.


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