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Pisa and Florence

PISA and FLORENCE are both cities in Italy’s Tuscany region and are reached from the port of Livorno. You can quite easily do them both in one day. I did them as an excursion from the cruise ship so Pisa was a part guided tour then I had some free time to roam around and take lots of photos and video. It is an amazing place and the architecture is simply breathtaking. When you get back on the coach it’s off to Florence, the capital of the Tuscany region. If you love art, architecture and sculptures, then you will love Florence. It is an assault on your eyes, such a beautiful place to explore. Must sees are Ponte Vecchio and the jaw dropping Florence Cathedral. Look up inside the dome of the Cathedral, you’ll be amazed at the artwork.

TOP TIP - There is an abundance of North African street sellers in Pisa. I know they have to make a living somehow but they can become annoying so watch out!

TOP TIP - If you go with a friend or partner, make sure you get a photo of holding up the leaning tower of Pisa. If you get the angle just right it does look pretty good.  Click on the thumbnail below.

TOP TIP - Keep one eye on the time as you don’t want to be holding up a coach full of your fellow cruisers.

TOP TIP - In the main Cathedral in Florence you are allowed to take photos and video. Don’t forget your camera or you will regret it!


LIVE WEBCAMS Piazza della Signoria Ponte Vecchio
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